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Is my past important to my present?

by Dustin Johnson, LPC

We have all had experiences we would like to forget.  Perhaps it was being called names in middle school, missing that catch in football, or being in a car accident.  How should we treat these painful memories?  In our culture, there is a prevailing belief that bringing up unpleasant past experiences only causes more pain and suffering. […]

Anxiety According to Freud

by Dustin Johnson, LPC

As long as we have been living in groups, we have struggled with how we should act.  We had to learn to often act against our instincts and put the interests of the group over the interests of the individual. To keep some sense of order and safety, groups adopted sets of rules to live by, […]

A promising treatment for Autism

by Dustin Johnson, LPC

What is Autism? Properly known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), it is characterized primarily by two problem areas.  The first is restricted or repetitive behavior and thinking.  This includes fixations, concrete thinking, and over- or under- reactivity to sensory input.  Fixations may be on interests (such as trains, sports statistics, or video games) or particular […]