Assisting Married and Committed Couples

We offer two options for couples and family work:  Single Therapist and Dual Therapists.

Single Therapist

This is the traditional way of doing counseling where both partners meet with a single therapist, usually on a weekly basis.

Dual Therapists

Are two therapists better than one?  We are proud to offer a unique option to couple’s counseling called Team Guidance.  It is common to feel worried for self-conscious when starting therapy, especially if your counselor is of the opposite sex.  Team Guidance solves this issue by providing two separate therapists.  Each member will meet with his or her own therapist, then the couple will meet together with both therapists.  This provides for a greater feeling of safety for the clients.  This is also helpful if one or both of you has difficulty finding your voice or expressing your needs to the other.


  • Pre-MaritalMarriage Counseling
  • High-Conflict
  • Co-dependency
  • Communication Skills
  • Infidelity
  • Relationship Tuneup