Skills Essential for Well-Being

This is a list of what I believe to be required for a person to attain a persistent state of well-being.  Any one of these being off can sabotage the whole thing.  Working through these issues is a lifetime of work, and I’m honored to take a few steps on the path with you.  I’m not licensed to direct you in every area (such as nutrition and medical), though I’m happy to support you in achieving the goals you have identified.

  1. Personality Transformation
    1. Taking a close look at who you are, how you treat yourself, and how you treat others
    2. Making conscious your unknown motives and fears
    3. Reclaiming your projections onto others
    4. Establishing healthy boundaries
    5. Developing a self-compassionate appreciation for who you are
    6. Healing the scores of old hurts and traumas
    7. Empowerment
    8. Mastering your relationship to hurt and anger
    9. Showing up for family and friends authentically and compassionately
  2. Conquering Addictions
    1. Overcoming denial
    2. Abstinence or infrequent use of alcohol, caffeine, sugar, technology, and other drugs
    3. Assessment of the morphine/benzo effects of gluten, dairy, and carbs
  3. Social Connection
    1. Cultivating healthy relationships with family members and friends
    2. Overcoming shyness and social anxiety
    3. Creating and maintaining relationships where you feel deeply free and safe to be who you are
  4. Mental Focus, Stillness, and Openness
    1. Cultivated by meditation, yoga, or other contemplative practice
    2. Required for self-awareness of what needs to change
    3. Required for the focusing skill to enact change
    4. Required to soothe the nervous system in an overly stimulating world
  5. Awakening the Heart
    1. Becoming sensitive to our innate feelings, gross and subtle
    2. Learning to let flow feelings that arise for those of us who are overwhelmed by feelings
    3. Required to inform us of what our true needs are
    4. Required for us to form deep and meaningful relationships with others
    5. Especially helpful for most men and people who identify as very rational
  6. Physical
    1. Full night’s sleep (8-10 hours)
    2. Healthy diet free from sugar and preservatives, low in refined carbs, high in vegetables
    3. Healthy gut microbiome (Foundational: has a direct connection to mental and physical health)
    4. Regular exercise
  7. Spiritual
    1. Whether your first cause is the Big Bang or Jehovah, taking an honest look at why you are here, your purpose, and where you are going
    2. Living in integrity with your beliefs
    3. Developing a gratitude or devotional practice