Jackie Johnson, LPC  (Web Page:  www.jackie-johnson.com

about-fort-collins-counselorLife can be the most beautiful mystery or a frightening and unpredictable place based on how you see and interact with it. Many people struggle with the uncertainties of life, and have critical beliefs about themselves and others. It’s difficult  to discover happiness and create balance when past wounds hold you back from moving forward or complicate your relationships.

I specialize in helping individuals who struggle with stress, anxiety disorders, self-esteem, assertiveness, and relationship problems, but I work with other concerns as well.

I offer counseling for all committed and married couples to help with problems due to  communication, personality differences, trust, intimacy, infidelity, jealousy, dependence, avoidance, parenting, and family/in-law issues. I enjoy and specialize in working with high- conflict couples.

My Therapeutic Style

I believe that being an effective therapist is more than simply listening. I provide a safe and authentic space,  reflection and feedback, assistance in processing difficult emotions, and a wide variety of therapy techniques and skills. I will encourage you to be flexible with your ideas about yourself and your struggles to make room for self-growth.  I want for you to  feel safe going deeper into the therapy process, so that the root issues can be addressed and worked through. I believe that engaging in therapy without exploring the reasons for distress, can result in overlooked information and is akin to putting a band-aid on a deep wound. I want to help you navigate obstacles to happiness, learn lasting skills, and create the life you want!

Contact Information:

Phone: 970-497-4866
Website: www.jackie-johnson.com
Email: 1jackiejohnson@gmail.com